2023 Fabulous Taiwan Photography and Caption Contest Winners

Poster:Post date:2023-05-17
  Students who are holding the MOE and MOFA Taiwan Scholarships are invited to showcase the beauty of Taiwan earlier this year.

We are proud to announce that we have two winners for the Photography and Caption Category from TMU. Congratulations!

Third Prize Winner

《Golden hour》by Utoomporn Wongsin

It is undeniable that Taiwan is one of the fabulous countries as it ranks in the top 5 happiest country in Asia and 27th in the world. Not only does the best healthcare system, and high standard of educational institutes but also there are breathtaking locations as shown in photo 1. Golden hour sunset in photo 2 and 3 are my vivid memorable moments ever. But nothing can beat a spectacular sunset with unique Taipei101 background. Taiwan is literally abundant in natural resources. Surprisingly, given the quality of life we enjoy, the cost of living is not high. Travelers from all over the world are encouraged to visit Taiwan. As an international student, I would like to affirm that living in Taiwan provides me with an excellent quality of life. Can’t get enough of exploring Taiwan. What a beautiful life in Taiwan!


Honorable Mention

《Impression beauty of Taiwan》by Teerapong Prompunya

Deciding to study abroad is a life changing for me. Beyond leaving my family behind,

I may also be challenged by different culture. Taiwan is absolutely my brilliant choice. Studying here for few years, I was realized that Taiwan offers its own deep cultures with a unique geological landscape.


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