Introduction / Message from the Director


Dear students:

  First of all, welcome you all to join School of Nursing, and congratulations to you all for becoming parts of Taipei Medical University; a place with admirable traditions and venerable history. We started nursing education since 1963, and had so far nurtured almost 4,000 outstanding nursing talents. Graduates had been spreading all over medical and educational fields domestically and internationally, and had been devoting themselves into nursing and caring careers.

   Our bachelor programs focus on training excellent clinical nursing experts with humanistic concerns, social responsibilities, global views and professional literacy. The master programs aim at nurturing advanced nursing talents with multi-cultural literacy, capabilities of clinical teaching and conducting researches. PhD programs target on bringing up professional nursing leaders with global experts' views, capabilities of conducting interdisciplinary researches and expanding nursing knowledge.

  The evolving index of master programs is "Research of developing all-phase life crossing with patterns of biological behavior", covering Maternal and Child Healthcare as well as Hospice Care; including fetuses, adults and elders, ranging from health, illness to death. In 102nd academic year (2013-2014), the research was honored by Outstanding Research Award from the university. Moreover, we have 3 affiliated hospitals which provide students more opportunities of clinical practice and future employment.

  In this age of changing in a blink, unprecedented chances are unfolded in front of nursing experts. No matter in clinical caring, education or conducting researches, roles and contributions of nurses had become more and more important. Hence, we are going to provide more diverse learning environment in the future and enhance teaching effect. We hope that our students would widen their views via our guidance, and have more competitiveness for future employment. Students' efforts and support would be our foundation for further developments and growth.

Shu-Yu Kuo

                                                                        Director, School of Nursing

October 2020

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