Introduction / Characteristics of the Program


The bachelor program in School of Nursing aims to provide nursing students with the knowledge and skills for delivering effective health-care, problem-solving, providing social service, and acquiring life-long-learning. It also emphasizes nursing ethics and character development for cultivation students’ good personalities. The courses are delivered through lectures and practicum work to enable students to experience both the art and the science of nursing.

The master program and professional master program in School of Nursing aim to train advanced practice nurses. Specialty options include adult (including anesthesia care nursing and nursing administration), gerontological and community health, women, children and adolescent health, and psychiatric nursing. The doctoral program aims to educate advanced nursing researchers and educators.

The program is characterized by:
(1)     Training in four major nursing specialty options.
(2)     Training in leadership in the doctoral program.
(3)     Emphasizing on bio-behavioral science research.

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