Introduction / Message from the Director


Welcome and congratulations on your admission to the Taipei Medical University. We are delighted that you are joining our School of Nursing and welcome you for the exciting and challenging journey ahead. It is our desire to do everything possible to make your nursing educational experience rewarding and successful.

Started from 1963, the TMU Nursing is devoted to the professional education for health care practitioner and leaders. Our nursing programs provide both baccalaureate and graduate levels nursing education designed with the evidence-based practice and delivering caring care in mind. Students will be actively engage in the learning processes, and involve in the academic and clinical practicum that will empower you to become a professional registered nurse. More than 4,000 of our outstanding grduates trained and devoted themselves into professional nursing and healthcare careers domestically and globally.

Our master programs aim at cultivating advanced nursing competency, capabilities of conducting clinical teaching and researches. The doctorate programs dedicate to prepare the future professional nursing leaders who will idependently conduct profesiona research and be the health care learder after graduation. Nursing faculties at TMU are committed to your success in the program and will be available to guide and support you as you progress through the nursing program.

TMU Nusing offers multidimension learning environments and excellence  research guidence. The School of Nursing and together with three university-affiliated hospitals provide opportunities for clinical practice and research collaboration with health care profesionals ranging from health promotion, acute care, chronic care, and hospice.

Please feel free to discover more about TMU Nursing through our web site or contact us for any inquriry about our nursing program. At TMU Nusing, you will find devoted faculty and supportive enviroment for nursing students’ profesional developments and growth.

Min-Huey Chung

                                                                        Director, School of Nursing


September 2023

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